Certified Flight Instructor Rating


You will never be more rewarded or challenged by obtaining a rating than by acquiring the CFI certification.

Not only is it beneficial to the newly qualified pilot hunting for his or her first job to have this certification, but also as a qualification that can make a difference throughout one’s career.

Most large airline companies have internal training departments, for recurrence training as well as transitioning pilots into new equipment.

These instructor positions are often most attractive and sought-after jobs in the company.

For students who complete all of their training at TAA it is normal to incorporate part of the dual flight instruction in to the Commercial Program, hence reducing the program costs.

Essentially, we prepare all Commercial Applicants to the highest CFI standards.



In order to give instruction on any aircraft, you must be a Certified Flight Instructor (CFI).


Certified Flight Instructor SEL

The TAA Flight Instructor is designed to make the transition to the role of Instructor as UN-intimidating as possible.

Minimum Requirements:
Second Class Medical
Commercial Single-Engine Land Certificate


The Training Program


CFI Program Includes:

  • The preparation of lesson plans and teaching students with varying background and skills.
  • Evaluation of individual student flight programs.
  • Effective pre/post flight instruction.
  • Analysis and correction of student pilot errors.
  • Flight instructor responsibilities and certifying procedures.


Area 1: Ground School
All of the major areas of aeronautical knowledge are addressed during ground school.

The students have daily teaching-practice.

Each lesson begins with a comprehensive weather briefing.


Area 2: Flight Training
In the aircraft the CFI applicant must learn to cope with with a whole new set of challenges.

On a simple level there is a practical issue of flying the airplane from the instructor’s seat.

This is not as easy as it sounds; anyone who has ever learned to drive a car with the steering on the right side, can attest to how weird it feels at first.

On a more complex level the pilot has to learn how to fly the aircraft and simultaneously teach the maneuver.

Often this means having to correct a student’s mistakes while calmly explaining the error and the appropriate correction.

The pilot is about to go from the position of being a student in capable hands of a competent instructor to being the person with full responsibility for the safety of the flight.

Initially this can be a daunting experience.

The TAA Flight Instructor Program is designed to make the transition to the role of Instructor as UN-intimidating as possible.

Certified Flight Instructor Practical Test Standards: Download now! (PDF)
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