Victor Dukuh @ Mesa Airlines

I came over to Triad Aviation Academy (TAA) as a freshly minted instructor with no experience. During my time at TAA. I had the opportunity of instructing all levels of applicants who came through to acquire an FAA certificate. From your basic discovery flight to your more advance rating as CFI and ATP.

With the vast number of aircraft we had I took that opportunity to learn to fly some of the most advance aircrafts on the market whiles instructing and gained a lot of knowledge and experience this allowed me to prepare better when the time came for me to move on to the Regional airlines.

With over 3 years of instructing under my belt I was hired by MESA airlines back in 2014. Less that 16 months after getting hired as a first officer on the CRJ I upgraded to captain.

It’s been 5 years and 9 months and I’m happy be say I have achieved my dreams of getting to the Majors. On November 19th I became one of the newest American Airline pilots and I’m currently in training on the A320.

Victor Dukuh

Pilot, American Airlines

Miranda Williams

I am currently enrolled at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.

I have flown with TAA starting from my introductory flight and continue today.

I am a private pilot and have earned my AGI rating. My ultimate goal is to join the military, though I am interested in anything that can get me in the air and may also love to work for NASA one day!

The instructors at TAA continuously encourage me to follow my dreams to become a pilot and tremendously helped me to get my private pilot’s license, which I did in late April of 2019 with my flight instructor Jerome Cannon.

Though I sometimes get off-track with school, all the instructors are patient and could work with my chaotic schedule and priorities, and are always ready and willing to fly! TAA flight instructors are patient, caring, and above all, safe. I am always comfortable to ask questions, to which the instructors are eager to answer.

After I received my Advanced Ground Instructor rating (AGI), I would begin to help others who were in my position to gain private-pilot knowledge at TAA.

To anyone considering a career in aviation, I would highly recommend TAA for it’s encouraging flight instructors, the safety culture, and to meet new people!

Miranda Williams

Private Pilot, Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University