Learn To Fly!


“Why Do You fly?”

Ask a dozen pilots and chances are you’ll get a dozen different answers.

The reasons for taking to the skies are as personal any other for taking on a career or hobby, but here are a few of the more common reasons.

Fun & Freedom

The freedom of having a pilot’s license is incredible!

Load up your plane with friends and family and fly off to a destination hundreds or even thousands of miles away.

Forget long driving trips with dull scenery – get there in half the time and without having to deal with stop-and-go traffic as you see the country from a new perspective.

Just from our home base in Greensboro at the Piedmont-Triad Airport, you can easily reach the laid-back atmosphere of Myrtle Beach, the historic streets of Washington, D.C., shopping in Atlanta, or the beautiful mountains of North Carolina and Tennessee – without even having to make a refueling stop!




If you are a business person, a Private Pilot’s License can get you into airports the airlines can’t go to and for a lot less money.

Did you know that flying time and expenses are tax-deductible?

Driving time can easily be cut in half. Leave when you want and arrive when you please.


Look all around you and you’ll see millions of people with driver’s licenses.

Nothing special, right?

Everyone has one.

A couple of hours in class, a quick written test, and a 5-minute driving exam and you’re out the door and behind the wheel.

Becoming a pilot is a different story.

The second you pass your checkride and get your Private Pilot certificate, you’ve become a part of an elite, tight-knit and adventurous family.

The training you’ve been through is intense, but you’ve emerged as one of the small fraction of people who have the right and the knowledge to climb into a high performance flying machine and be completely in command of it.

You can take it from city to city, at a variety of speeds and altitudes, and make it there safely and reliably.

Nature is longer such a mystery to you as you adjust your routes and navigation for weather and wind.New doors are open for you.

Any resume – both inside and outside the aviation industry – is enhanced by the presence of a pilot certificate. You’ve learned responsibility, safety, attention to detail, and a great deal of situational awareness.

Quick decision making and flexibility within extremely dynamic situations is second nature to you.

And, as you move up through the ranks of Instrument Rating, Commercial Pilot, and Airline Transport pilot, you will be able to fly farther, faster, higher, while carrying more passengers through all types of conditions.

It really is something special.