Diva Flights



Delightfully surprised to be pictured here in FLYING Magazine representing one of 179 organizers in 33 countries that took gals flying during Women of Aviation Worldwide Week 2018.

Special thanks to TAA Flight Training for the opportunity to gift gals with the joy of free flight lessons!

We had a ball! What a privilege to fly it forward! 

Read the rest here: https://www.flyingmag.com/big-push-to-grow-number-women-in-aviation-kicks-off?enews032218



Calling all Divas!


Take the controls -women fly! No previous flight experience or preparation required.

An out of the box opportunity for women, Diva Flight is an activity that puts women in the pilots seat- at the controls- to transcend personal boundaries and rediscover the Diva within.

Most women take on traditional roles only to lose themselves in the process.

Their quest for personal fulfillment is put on hold to nurture the needs of others.

As natural caregivers, women help loved ones achieve their full potentials, yet may be too sidetracked to reach their own.

They’ve lost touch with their personal power-their innate free spirit.

Diva Flight offers a unique experience that helps women reconnect with their Inner Diva.



It’s literally an uplifting adventure that takes women to new heights within and without – above personal and earthly limitations.

And it comes from an unlikely source.

A field that has long been considered a “boys club” (only 6% of the pilot population is female) “aviation offers women the opportunity to reclaim their power through the freedom of flight.

Caution: Possible side effects may evoke a feisty spirit and kick-ass “you go, girl” attitude!

In this exclusive program, Diva Flight invites women of all ages from all walks of life to experience, first hand, the power of piloting her own aircraft; ultimately discovering how taking control of an aircraft is a metaphor for taking command of her life.



Diva Flight – “Call For Pricing”

Approximate time 2.5 hours includes personal one-on-one time with the guest pilot and Diva Flight Experience Founder, Record-breaking Pilot and Triad Aviation Academy Chief Flight Instructor/Airline Transport Pilot MayCay Beeler.

The session includes cockpit orientation, pre and post flight discussion, basic flight instruction in a Cessna Skyhawk airplane coupled with the empowerment of taking command of the aircraft in the pilot’s seat at the flight controls.

Not a typical Discovery, introductory or sightseeing flight, Diva Flight provides confidence-building skills that bless the guest long after the flight experience has ended.

Diva Flight is an empowering personal experience.

Photo opportunities and souvenir logbook provided.

Smiles, sass and fly girl bragging rights come standard.

See more at http://divaflight.com/.

Check out more pictures of Divas flying here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/divaflight/