2008 Liberty XL2 Vanguard Edition – N649XL

Coming Very Soon!

The XL-2 is a fantastic trainer, giving the student all the safety and benefits of a high-tech Next-Generation aircraft. Its easy handling and large, comfortable cockpit make a great platform for both initial and advanced pilot training.

Training attributes of TAA’s XL-2:

  • Low stall speeds and docile stall recovery
  • Wide cockpit area (48 in, over 4 in wider than a Cessna 172)
  • FADEC Engine management system
  • Ergonomic, comfortable interior
  • Four-point safety harness for pilot and passenger
  • IFR Certified, WAAS equipped
  • Unbelievable visibility
  • Well ventilated

Economical and FAST Personal Transport:

The Liberty XL2 represents a dramatic breakthrough in the world of General Aviation. This aircraft is the answer to rising fuel and transportation costs, giving today’s pilot a choice that has not been available before and opening up new horizons to today’s business and personal transportation needs.

  • 5.5 gph cruise at over 120 knots
  • Low maintenance costs
  • State of the Art FADEC technology
  • Advanced IFR Avionics
  • Next-Generation composite Construction
  • HUGE baggage area, holds 100 lbs of cargo!
  • Smart and stylish