Cessna 172L – N7643G, N9801G, N2872Q

Cessna 172K – N46338

TAA’s Cessna 172’s are very closely matched in order for the student or renter to be able to transition from airplane to airplane easily.  Equipment in N7643G and N46338 includes:  

  • Garmin GNS430 GPS NAV/COM
  • COM/NAV 2 KX155
  • Dual Glideslope Indicators
  • Audio Panel with Marker Beacon Capability
  • Mode C Transponder
  • Four Place Intercom

N9801G and N2872Q are in the process of being fit to include newer avionics to make them ideal IFR and VFR training platforms.

N7643G – Weight and Balance

N46338 – Weight and Balance (COMING SOON)

N9801G – Weight and Balance (COMING SOON)

N2872Q – Weight and Balance (COMING SOON)