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Women of Aviation Worldwide Week March 5 – 11, 2018


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Let's Add Some Pink in Aviation!

One lucky Triad girl, who has never flown in an airplane before, has the opportunity to win a free airplane flight where she will take the controls in the pilot's seat and fly a REAL airplane!

Here's how: 

The 8th global aviation awareness week for girls of all ages is right around the corner, and TAA Flight Training is participating by giving away a free flight. It’s all part of “Women of Aviation Worldwide Week” March 5- 11, 2018. In the past, to honor this week, female pilots from all continents and 44 countries have donated their time and aircraft to gift girls with their first flight in a small plane.

This year, Triad Aviation Academy FAA Chief Flight Instructor MayCay Beeler is donating her time to fly the winner of our “Let’s add some pink in Aviation” first flight contest. It is open to any Triad gal, ages 6-16, who has never flown before, and has a desire to slip the surly bonds.

The winner must take her flight at TAA Flight Training/Triad Aviation Academy at Piedmont Triad International airport on a smooth, calm morning during Women of Aviation Worldwide week March 5-11, 2018. Parental approval is required. Instructor Pilot MayCay reserves the right to adhere to strict safe weather standards.

Interested future fly girls or their guardians must submit their request to be considered via email at jerome@flytaa.com.

Women Of Aviation Worldwide Week is a global outreach initiative that takes place annually during the week of March 8, anniversary date of the world’s first female pilot license since 1910 and International Women’s Day since 1914. The week aims to raise awareness of aviation opportunities among girls of all ages while celebrating the accomplishments of past and present women of aviation.

For information  https://www.womenofaviationweek.org/press/.


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